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Babies Due in May 2008

May 2008
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For mothers with babies due in May 2008
This community was created for women who are due to have a baby (or more than one!) in or around May 2008 (late April or early June folks are welcome as well).

Before joining, it would be best to go over these quick points:

- The purpose of this community is discussion of our pregnancies, offering support and encouragement, and helping to educate each other about various aspects of motherhood. Discussions of the many available options with regards to birth, breastfeeding vs. formula feeding, etc., are permitted--but please be kind and civil, as well as understanding that many people hold strong views on these subjects. Don't make personal attacks, and try not to take things personally either. Talk to others the way you would like to be talked to and give one another the benefit of the doubt.

- Any entries you don't want open to the general public should be locked.

- Unless you get permission from the original poster, do not post other members' friends-only entries in other communities or you will be immediately banned.

- Please post pictures behind a cut.

- No, your husband or boyfriend may not join the community. This is for women only.

You might like to fill out this little survey when you join in order to introduce yourself:

1) What is your name, age, and location?
2) Marital status (e.g., married, partnered, single)?
3) What is your estimated due date?
4) What are you having (girl, boy, multiples)?
5) How long did you TTC before this? Or was it a surprise?
6) How many other children do you have, if any, and what are their names and ages?
7) If you've thought of it already, what are your birth plans (e.g., home birth, hospital, water birth, unmedicated, planned c-section, VBAC, etc.)?

Members, look here!
Check out this entry for a quick reference guide to your fellow may2008 members.

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