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Happy Halloween, babies!

Picture post!!

Okay, lets see those baby costumes!

Happy Halloween from Henry!

I bet we have a million punkins anyway.

Oct. 30th, 2008

How old is your baby? Luisa (or "baby Weesa" as we have taken to calling her since that is how my son says her name ♥) turned 5 months old on the 25th.

What's going on with your baby? She is just hilarious. Her tummy is ticklish. She smiles ALL THE TIME. She is so content to just sit and play by herself, but she LOVES attention from anyone. She loves when her brother and sister wake her up in the morning (grr) and always gives them huuuuge smiles. She makes the funniest little noises. Today, she started making these funny sounds when she was drawing in breath, and just laughing about it. She cracks me up. Sometimes, I wish I could just have a day with JUST her, but I feel that way about all my kids I guess. I just feel bad sometimes that my attention is split between the 3 of them. She doesn't seem any worse off for it, though.

How are you feeling? Pretty good. I love fall :)

Any Dr. Appointments this past week and how did they go? Nah, she doesn't go in for another month.

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc)? My husband's company got bought so we have a bunch of horrible insurance crap, but I can't complain too much since he does have a job and even got a small raise with the transition. Unfortunately the raise will be eaten up by the insurance crap. But that's life I guess!

Any questions? No, I don't think so. Maybe. How about people with pets? Luisa is just starting to notice and play with the cats a bit. One of my cats is a huuuge whore who will get snuggles from wherever he can get them, so he is not afraid of grabby hands at all. He actually likes to lick her hair (she has crazy hair!) which I think is funny. Do your babies like your pets? Do your pets like your babies?

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Halloween costumes?

will you be dressing up your baby? my 3 year old chose a fireman costume for himself and my older sister chose a peanut costume for Andrew. My original idea was to dress him up like our alarm clock because he usually wakes up right before it goes off in the mornings. the peanut costume looked mighty weird in the package and I had my doubts, but I think Andrew pulls it off well.

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So who isn't weaning yet?

I seem to be in the minority.

Who hasn't started solids yet??

Lola is 5 months and is getting ready for solids, but we're not quite there yet. I'm sure she'd take something if I forced it on her, but she's doing okay as she is (5 months today, breastfed)

Those who haven't started yet, why not? Is it because you are strictly following current guidelines, do you think your baby isn't ready yet or - like me - are you just to lazy? LOL

For us, it's a little of everything. I know current guidelines are to exclusively bf til 6 months, so was aiming to as close to that as possible. She's feeding more often than she was a month ago but it's still bearable so we're in no rush. Also, I want to try baby-led weaning this time so leaving it later so we have the minimal length of time with purreeing and crap.

*edit* - by weaning, I mean onto solids, not stopping breastfeeding ;)
I haven't posted an update on here at all since my baby was born, I'm terrible. But there is no time like the present to step in.

How old is your baby? Just turned 5 months on the 17th.

What's going on with your baby? Jack is lots of fun. He rolls all over the apartment, its amazing to me how far he can travel just by rolling around. He's trying to sit, but it is so not working. He can get up onto his knees and lunge, but he never has his hands in position at the same time so he just kind of hits his face off the ground.

How are you feeling? Great. He's finally sleeping well. we were at 8 wake ups a night for such a long time, but the last few weeks he's down to waking up just once or twice. Its amazing and I finally feel human again!

Any Dr. Appointments this past week and how did they go? Not this past week, but we went about 2 weeks ago. He had his shots and weighed in at 14pounds 8 ounces and 25 inches. Everyone calls him so small, but he's in the exact 50th percentile according to my doctor.

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc)? Not really

Any questions? has anyones baby returned to clingyness? jack was a super clingy baby for the first 3 months, enver wanted to be put down even to sleep, then suddenly he was mr independent never wanted to cuddle always wanted to be standing up, looking out etc. Now he's back to massive clingyness/cuddliness. I'm enjoying it because I honestlyl missed the cuddles when he was so into exploring the world, but I'm not sure where it has come from.


Of course.

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update time...

Haven't posted an update in a while.

Zoë is 5 months and... 9 days? She is crawling...backwards. has been for about 2 weeks, but gets so frustrated that she can't go forward that I have to pick her up sometimes. She will get it. We are working on sitting up but she doesn't really get that she has to hold herself there...oh well, I doubt she will be 2 and not sitting...I'm sure it will come. I think we are doing a bit of pre teething or teething... I guess you can't really know which until you see a tooth.

She's still exclusively breastfed though I am looking forward to giving her solids ( she is ready, but I figure what is 3 more weeks in the grand scheme of things, we can wait)

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Update on Lola Kitty

How old is your baby? She'll be 5 months on the 27th.

What's going on with your baby? She's trying her hardest to roll over, but with a very active three year old sister, she doesn't get as much floor time as she probably should so doesn't get all that much opportunity. Desperately trying, but just can't work out how to get her arm unstuck LOL. She's sitting up better and better by the day, not folding over quite so much. She's preparing for solids - waking almost every hour to nurse during the night, which is tough going. I'll be happy if I can stretch her to 5.5 months before introducing anything. STILL trying to get her to take a bottle - the husband managed to give her a few ounces tonight, hopefully she will repeat that. Going to try switching to bigger teats this weekend (faster flow, as the ones we have with the bottles are still stage 1, 0+mths!) then going to try a sippy cup. If that still fails, it's been recommended we try with formula - apparently some babies just won't take expressed milk and need it to be completely seperate from breastmilk/feeding - that'll be a last resort though.

How are you feeling?  Tired. The three year old is waking at night just now too so I'm just not getting enough sleep at all.

Any Dr. Appointments this past week and how did they go?
  She was weighed this morning by the health visitor - 17lbs 8ozs!! O_o

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc)?  My husband (the girls daddy) moved out last Monday/Tuesday (I forget, it's been a long week!) We are trying to arrange counselling at the moment as we both want to fix our relationship. He has moved in with his grandparents for a minimum of six months. We need to start afresh - I fell pregnant with the eldest so quickly we never really got a chance to decide if we wanted to be together or not; it was really forced upon us. Daisy (the eldest) has taken it kind of badly, but she is still seeing loads of him so it's getting easier. It's tough doing this all myself - Lola has been ill with her teeth this past few days. I have no idea how long-term single moms do this. *sigh*

Any questions?   Lola is in a swinging crib (well, she's supposed to be, but mostly we co-sleep. This causes problems as my eldest now thinks cos the baby sleeps in bed with me, she can too, and there just isn't enough space. Anyway, she's not overly fond of her crib. Does anyone think changing her into the full-size cot (crib) might help as she'll have more space??

Getting to grips with the playstation!

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How old is your baby? 5 months and 3 days

What's going on with your baby? Madeline is changing so fast! She sits up on her own, she does the army crawl and she is now sleeping through the night (again, it stopped at 3 months!) Last week she weighed 17 pounds and 1 ounce, not sure how long though.

How are you feeling? I am feeling great! We are trying to get my parents to move down, to be with the grandkids and such and I think within the year they will be here!

Any Dr. Appointments this past week and how did they go? We went to the pediatrician for a semi-emergency due to a rash/hives. We think it was an allergic reaction to a few shrimp I ate which sucks because to have such a severe reaction to such a tiny amount means something is up.

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc)? Just enjoying the fall and prepping for the holidays!

Any questions you want to ask? Anyone elses children showing signs of food allergies? We had started her on rice cereal and she eats like a champ but I decided to hold off(on solids) due to the allergic reaction through breastmilk just until her body matures a bit more.

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weekly update

How old is your baby? happy 4 month birthday today!!

What's going on with your baby? She's getting so strong!! and definatly teething, poor girl, it's not huring yet i don't think she just chews everything, and drools up a storm, she seems to like teethers, so i'm glad i can do what i can to relieve the pressure for her. We've started to cut back the rocking to sleeps, we've been rocking her to sleep 4xs a day, now once she's half asleep from eating or just sitting there, we put her in her crib, we're just doing this so that we can get to sleep sooner, my husband and i both need to be up and out the door by 7am, and so we need to get up at 4 and she's good and sleeps all night, just sometimes she doesn't go to sleep until 11 or later, so this is working quite well and she's been asleep by 930, and she's learning to soothe herself back to sleep which is also a plus.

How are you feeling? Great now that we've caught up on our sleep! I swear nursing is the miracle diet. i've lost all my baby weight and then an extra 20lbs on top of that. whoa. lol.

Any Dr. Appointments this past week and how did they go? Her 4month appointment is on the 17th... and she'll be getting her first shots then... oh boy..

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc)? not really still trying to sell so we can buy a house..

Any questions you want to ask? Negative

Pictures? we're taking her today to Target to get some done too! :)
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4 month update time

How old is your baby? 4 months today!

What's going on with your baby? He is laughing and babbling up a storm, and seems to be teething (drooling, putting everything in his mouth and chewing on them). He is trying to roll from back to front, but is not quite there yet.

How are you feeling? Tired and ill (I have an upper respiratory infection and my asthma's not happy about it).

Any Dr. Appointments this past week and how did they go? Alexander had his 4 month appointment today. He's doing great! Doctor diagnosed eczema and gave us some prescription steroid cream to use on it. He's 17 lbs 14 ozs and 26.5 inches long. He was not happy about his shots, but was fine once I nursed him :)

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc)? I just started a new job, so Alexander is now being watched by my parents. He starts daycare in a couple weeks with my aunt who has a licensed in-home day care.

Any questions you want to ask? Not at this time.

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They discover things at their own pace

Friday was VERY hot.
The Tiny Tyrant had two cold baths and spent most of the day naked, lying around on towels. This led to me looking across at him lying in his rocker at one point and thinking My, that's precocious.
At the tender age of four and a half months my son has discovered his penis.

(Nappy changes will never be the same again! XD)

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Has anyone else noticed odd changes to your body post-pregnancy? My sense of smell is out of control. It's interesting and a little irritating. It wasn't very good pre-pregnancy and was so-so while I was pregnant, but now it's absurd. I wonder if it will go away or stay this strong. Anyone have anything similar?
So, apparently May 2009 mommies are starting to appear!


here come the teeth...

I think? my baby has turned into a drool monster (not to mention, he throws daily crankfests). I made a bib for him, today. I used a hand-towel for the backing, so it can suck up a lot of moisture. I used to call him "andrewwwwwwwzi" but now he's "androooooooooolzi"!

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i posted a picture of my daughter in a bonnet my mom made her and a few people inquired about the bonnets, if you'd like one, or like a hand knitted baby sweater r item, email my mom off her site here.  


go to the page called Knitted/crocheted pieces


anyone have a petite 4 month old?  Cheyanne was 4 months yesterday, at her check up, she was 10 pounds 5 ounces and 23 inches long... how big/little are your little ones?  I'm just curious. 

I always have bee petite (4'11" 1/4" tall and 109 pounds pre pregnancy) and her daddy is 5' 11" and about 135/140 pounds ( he is tall but thin) so i am not surprised by her size... plus as a baby, when i was a year old, i weighed 17 pounds.

4 month update

I've been a bit busy to spam y'all the last month or so! I love how much more interesting the bub's becoming, now that he's older, and interacting with the world.

How old is your baby? 4 months 4 days or 18 weeks 1 day

What's going on with your baby? He still hates tummy time, but he's dealing with it with better grace, these days. Sometimes he just won't lift his head, no matter what! Stubborn Taurean child.
He 'talks' now - gargling "ggggoooo" in the back of his throat like a wookie.
After the early struggle we went through with breastfeeding, it's joyfully easy these days, though he still feeds 2 hourly. He's a prodigious wetter - 10 to 20 nappies a day!
He wants a lot more entertainment and distraction these days and has developed a "cry" that means "hoi! Where are you/I'm bored!". He is very definitely a Mummy's boy and lets Daddy and Granny and anyone else who holds him for too long when he wants me. He smiles almost every time he sees me.
He's not a fan of laying on his back - prefers to be propped or held upright.

How are you feeling? Sore and quite tired. The c-section scar occasionally still flares up, though it's less often these days.

Any Dr. Appointments this past week and how did they go? I was in hospital for keyhole surgery on Tuesday. I had my gallbladder removed, and was home that night. My lips are bruised, I'm extremely tired and lost my voice for a few days, as well as hacking up gack and blood. I am feeling better every day though and looking forward to reintroducing tasty foods to my diet!
We saw the paediatrician the week before last. He confirmed that at 5.5kilos Tiny Tyrant is the smaller end of the baby scale, but my mother in law, father and I all top out at just over 5 foot as adults, so it's not surprising. And he's LONG, with big hands and feet for his size so I think he'll put more on as he gets older. :)

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc)? My partner's run into some trouble at work with how many sick days he's had (to take care of me) in the past few months but I think we'll manage to sort it out. I'm so glad I got the gallstone problem sorted!

Any questions you'd like to ask? What are you doing to entertain your bubs? Tyrant likes music (though he already has preferences and cries unless he likes the song) and walks outside. He's obsessed with screens of all sorts, which gives me a bit of a pause!

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Teaching Your Baby to Eat

Since we are all getting close to feeding our babies food, I thought I would share this article. I haven't used this plan to the "T" but I've used parts of it and it worked really well. Use or don't use what works for you. Either way, I think it's a good article! It is written by a homebirth doctor that I had as a family doctor in Chicago. The doctor that started their practice (Home First) is Dr. Mayer Eisenstein. He wrote Educate Before You Vaccinate. That is a good book too - very informative.

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Jeremiah just turned 4 months on the 9th.  He's growing well, 50% for height, 85% for weight, head 85%.  He's the happiest baby ever!!  Rolls both ways, can't use the bumbo because he can get out of it and is moving around on the floor using his feet, hands and body and head to squirm along with rolling.

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baby's first hurricane

We rode out the hurricane in SE Houston. We had 2 nights without power and then we made our way to my MIL's house, whose power was returned on Sunday afternoon. My boys faired very well. Andrew, who is the same age my first son was during his first hurricane, slept through the night both nights. My aunt kindly gave him his own personal fan. I've never been so thankful for generators, even though they're loud and kinda scary. Also--huzzah for breastfeeding! Not even a smidge of worry about what baby eats.

I hope everyone who was in Ike's path are OK.

Hey Friends...

Well. has this month just flew right by almost.
I dont know if anyone is on my FL or not i honestly cant remember And im quickly updating before bed and found i missed you guys.
So- September 3rd Duncan turned 6ms old. same day we were sent to the ER Duncan was weezing and having trouble breathing. turned out to be heart failure. he also had some kinda cold. and for him it was like 100 times worse. since he has heart problems. so we were there from September 3rd until September 12th. the 12th he had open heart surgery to fix his holes in his heart and before they even cut him open they viewed into his heart and found he had so many holes they couldn't repair them. so they did something different to let him have time to grow more. and not have heart failure anymore or help him not have it anymore. And a few months or even a year from now, they hope the small, many tiny holes will close on their own. and they can repair the large ones then. Right now hes in recovery at the PICU. Doing well as to be expected. he was off the vent in 1 day, on a feeding tube today and hopefully eating by tomorrow. And sept 10th was my son drakes 2nd birthday. We had cake at the hospital. It was cute :)

hope you ladies are all well. and your babies are growing big and strong


How old is your baby? 13wks 4 days whoa that went fast!

What's going on with your baby? she loves her bumbo seat! and her toys everything goes in her mouth now pretty much lol. it's cute :)

How are you feeling? good love being a mom!

Any Dr. Appointments this past week and how did they go? nope in a few weeks she goes back

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc)? not really we put our condo on the market yesterday! and we're living with my parents for now, and hoping that the condo will go fast it's on the cheeper side, and in great condition, we just want a house and nows the time to buy! so we're waiting it out here thankfully it's big here we have our own area of the house pretty much

Any questions you'd like to ask? nope :)


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baby legzzzzz

I found that Circo (Target brand) has their own version of Baby Legs for way cheaper - $2.99!!!! :D

Sleep troubles - help!

Is anyone planning on doing "sleep training" with their baby? Mine may be in the dreaded "four-month sleep regression," so we're going to wait a bit and see. But he will not sleep without swaddling, eating, and being held/rocked to sleep. It's worse when he wakes up while we transfer him to the crib. Then, we have to rock him again as he struggles against the swaddle, but he needs to be swaddled or he literally paws himself awake - he grabs the flesh of his own face and squeezes and twists, and he often has the scratches and red marks to prove it.

At 6 weeks - 2.5 months, he was STTN. It was heaven. Then he started back up with the night wakings/feedings: First one, then two, now three. I know it could be a lot of things, like a growth spurt, but I'm wondering if we've gotten him into a few bad habits that I now need to break. It seems like now he'll hardly ever eat unless he's swaddled and knows he's going down for a nap or to sleep. And I can't put him in the crib "drowsy but awake" as a lot of sleep-training books advise. And when I've tried to leave him there for a few minutes and do the come-back-and-soothe routine, he just gets really worked up and actually does cry (so much for "The No-Cry Sleep Solution!"). But I haven't tried this every night for weeks at a time, either.

So. Any advice for an utterly stressed-out and sleep-deprived first-and-only-time mother?

Melody's update..

Miss Melody is 3months and 2weeks old i believe(i lose track of weeks but know she will be 4m on the 22).

Shes my little drooling,cooing,giggling baby. She adores her walker and loves being held. She also adores her big brother and watches him all the time. I think she envy's him for his ability ti walk and run lol.
She had a cold last week which we all ended up catching but luckly we are all better now.

Photos 202

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Like i was telling someone else in a Comment I make Tutu's.
I been trying to sell them for $10. to bring in a little extra cash for Christmas. If anyone here is intrested let me know. it would be just a little extra for shipping.
also if you Wanna trade something you make for one or there to much but you really want one maybe we can work something out:).

update time

How old is your baby?  she is 3 months, 2 weeks

What's going on with your baby?  she rolls over from front to back and back to side all the times...  se loves to talk, smile, coos, giggles. She LOVES teddy bears picnic (the song... I sing it WAY to many times for my sanity) and baby mine... she loves the rocking chair.  she is teething up a storm, so EVERYTHING goes in her month since she now grabs and holds on to things.  She growls when she teeths on her toys, its SO funny, makes me laugh.  She likes to go in her snuggli and LOVES to shop.  She is very content baby I must say.. :)

How are you feeling?  I am ok, not happy with my weight... still have 15 pounds to drop... I gained 45 during my pregnancy... but am having a hard time dropping the 15...  I am annoyed with my MIL because she doesn't like me and she just likes to stir trouble with me... and um, yeah...

Any Dr. Appointments this past week and how did they go?  she has a well visit the 24th of september (on my 23rd birthday... and her 4 month birthday). I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to check on my IUD.

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc)?  nope. 

Any questions you'd like to ask?  hmmmm... nope


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It's been a long time...

How old is your baby? 3 months 2 weeks and 1 day

What's going on with your baby? He's teething and constantly has puddles or drool coming out of him, he's pretty much got everything soaked within a matter of seconds. He just got over a cold which I assume he caught at daycare :( Poor little guy. He loves sitting up assisted and thinks being changed into PJs is pretty much the funniest thing ever as he is constantly laughing when I go to remove his clothes.

How are you feeling? I'm good for the most part, I have a toothache and I'm currently bored at work but family life is absolutely wonderful, I just started taking Domperidone earlier this week to help increase my milk supply since I know it's only a matter of time before my little guy starts eating more and I need to make sure I can keep up with him, I've already noticed a slight increase..yay!

Any Dr. Appointments this past week and how did they go? No appointments for either of us.

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc)? My husband is out of work for an unknown amount of time due to shoulder surgery (he's a personal trainer) so instead of me being the primary breadwinner in the family, I'm now the sole breadwinner. Needless to say money is really tight right now but we're managing.

Any questions you want to ask? none that I can think of at the moment

Pictures? Unfortunately I don't have any from this week since I am at work right now but I'll post some that I've had saved in my photobucket from the past couple weeks.

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Hi all.

This is little... but I wanted to say how glad I am to see that I'm not the only one so wrapped up with the new little one that I don't get to post on here - pretty much at all.

Hi all, btw. :)


Lola update

How old is your baby? She'll be 13 weeks tomorrow *gasp*

What's going on with your baby? She's just fabulous. She is rolling from front to back and has had one episode of rolling back to front - though hope it's a one-off as I'm not ready for an active baby yet! She's cooing and giggling, and definitely starting to interact more and show more interest in what's around her.

How are you feeling? Fine. I never really had any physical problems after Lola's birth, felt totally normal. Not really feeling a lack of sleep either since we cosleep and breastfeed. Found the first couple of weeks difficult adjusting to having two kids and not being able to just pick up and go like before, having to meticulously plan leaving the house around feeds and bum changes etc, but getting there!

Any Dr. Appointments this past week and how did they go? She had her twelve week vaccinations on Friday and was fussy for a few days afterwards in the evenings, but seems to be back to her gorgeous self again now. I have an appointment with the nurse to get a smear and see about getting the pill on Thursday.

Any questions? Other than trying out loads of teats and bottles, any advice for getting a breastfed baby to take a bottle? I'd love her to take some EBM so I can get away for a couple of hours (have a night away planned start of December) but she's not playing ball with us. It is improving slowly, is it supposed to be such a slow process? I was looking at the doidy cup, is that suitable this early?

Recent pictures?


3 months today :)

I'm terrible because this is my first update ever :P

How old is your baby? Luisa is 3 months old today!

What's going on with your baby? She does basically 3 things - eat, sleep, and grin! Oh and she can roll over. She loves to be on her tummy but I have to be extra careful because she has a 2 and a half year old brother who thinks jumping over the baby is a great sport. It scares me to death!

How are you feeling? Great, but ready for fall!

Any Dr. Appointments this past week and how did they go? No, but I'm sure she has grown in length. At her 2 month, she was 13 pounds and only 21 inches (her birth length). That's like 10-20 percentile for height and 90 for weight!

Any questions? Nope

Recent pictures? This is the best part of the updates and I take way too many pictures anyway, might as well share some!
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freakishly large baby

My baby was born on May 7. He had his checkup with the public health nurse today, and he weighs 15.5 lbs. and is 25 inches long.

I get the impression from people that he is a huge baby. He seems tiny to me but then he is the only baby I have:)

Can you tell me if your baby was born around that time, how big baby is?

And what size is baby wearing? I just put my fella into his jammies, a new pair and they are for 6-9 months:/

Losing Hair

My daughter was born May 10th, I am still losing my hair... when will it stop!? I have thin hair as is so I freak out ever clump that falls out. Anyone else still losing their hair? Are there any tips to stop it?

Baby SLings/ Side carriers

I got a baby sling at my baby shower, But I have never used it- Everyone I know says its safe and they love it but I'm not sure. Are they really safe? I wasn't even going to consider using it but shortly after the birth of PJ( my son - May 3rd 2008) i was diagnosed with scoliosis, standing and walking have become very painful and my sons car seat is very heavy - not my son but the car seat itself, i cant afford a new car seat, and although i have been lucky in always having some one with me to carry his seat for me ( my sister, my dad, my boyfriend, a friend etc) i know eventually i will have to bring him somewhere by myself. so what do you guys think about baby slings? please let me know.Thank you ~* Alicia*~

3 Month Update!

I can't believe my little Bella is *already* three months old, it's insane. I swear she grew even taller, she's already fitting some Carters 6 month things, which freaks me out. Haven't been to a doctor's appointment since last month and I need to schedule one for next month, so no new updates on that front.

Home life is going great though. I can't imagine NOT having her around... she makes me so happy! I started working at Target yesterday and even though it was a 5 hour orientation, I missed her SOO much. I can't believe some of you Moms went back to work earlier, you guys have some strength! :)

Here are a few pictures.

Weekly Update

How old is your baby? 12 weeks 4 days

What's going on with your baby?
He has a cold AGAIN. This one's super snotty so he keeps choking and crying. SO not happy on his back right now. He's sleeping lots too, which is good news - hopefully his little antibodies will kick in all the sooner with that boost of rest.
His hair is all falling out! Every time I change him I find some more strands in his clothes. :(
He has discovered pouty face and a love of being held by certain people - mostly mummy.
He's also discovered that he doesn't like LOTS of new/strange people touching him within a short period.

How are you feeling? I have the same cold (thanks Daddy!). Otherwise doing much better. It really does improve towards the end of those three months, doesn't it?

Any Dr. Appointments this past week and how did they go? Nup. I'm seeing a surgeon about my gallstones next week! w00t!

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc)?
Tyrant met another set of great-grandparents on the weekend and did NOT like Nana's overpowering perfume - he squirmed and fussed.

Pictures from this week?

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Baby Jane Update

How old is your baby? 14 weeks

What's going on with your baby? She's awesome. She loves to "talk" to us and she really enjoys the playmat we got her. She still hates tummy time but I'm trying to get more of it for her. She holds her head up really well and can sorta stay sitting up when propped up with pillows. She tends to lean over eventually. Oh and she turns on her side a lot now.

She moved to her crib this week! I had her in a different room at my parents in the pack and play, and she seemed to really enjoy the extra room. So we put her in her crib for the first time two nights ago. She's sleeping great in there.

How are you feeling? I'm doing well. I am trying to lose weight. I have around 60 pounds I'd like to lose - only about 10 of those are from pregnancy. I also quit smoking last year so that's a part of it too. And the rest has been around for awhile, but now that I have a daughter I really want to focus on getting fit and healthy so that I can keep up with her. I've been exercising almost everyday and focusing on eating healthy - lots of fruits and vegetables. It feels great.

Any Dr. Appointments this past week and how did they go?
None until September.

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc)?
My stepson went back to Texas to start the school year, so I'm back on my own taking care of the baby during the day. Luckily she's a lot easier to look after than she was two months ago. I'll miss having someone else here though.

Any questions you want to ask?


Jeremiah update

Jeremiah turned 3 months yesterday!  He loves to nurse, trying to sit up, rolls over and is happy all the time!
Yes my son is in a pink diaper, he is very secure in his manhood, :)


How old is your baby? 8 weeks 4 days

What's going on with your baby? She's doing good. Still not a big fan of tummy time, we baught a boppy tummy play mat, she seems interested for a few minutes but eventually starts crying, but she can hold her head an shoulders up while she's laying on our chest, or when we're holding her, so she's still getting lots of exercise. She's starting to coo more, and talk to things, like daddy she loves playing with him.

How are you feeling? Pretty okay. Tomorrow I return to work.. eep. dreading that. but at the same time.. it'll be good to be out of the house a little more and around grown ups i suppose, i'll miss little girl though i'm just trying to think positive.. Grandma babysat for us the other night so my husband and I could go see the dark knight, it was nice to go out for the night.

Any Dr. Appointments this past week and how did they go? nope she has one the 19th... for her shots....

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc)? we're moving out of our condo and into my parents by sept. and selling our condo and buying a house hopefully by the end of the year...

Any questions you want to ask? nope for once :)
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Baby update

How old is your baby? 11 weeks + 2 days

What's going on with your baby? He just seems to be getting bigger and bigger. We still haven't seen his pediatrician for his 2 month visit, but my midwife weighed him at my IUD checkup last week and he weighed in at over 19 lbs. he's gained approximately a pound a week since he was born. goodness! he is far bigger than his big brother was at this age. my first son didn't weigh this much until he was 4 months old!

he isn't keen on tummy time, but he loves to sit under the mobile and on his play mat. He coos and smiles a bunch. he's very pleasant unless I take too long to tend to his needs. he knows how to use his voice!

How are you feeling? Pretty good. Had a rough patch the past 2 weeks, but things are looking up.

Any Dr. Appointments this past week and how did they go? none for baby. I had a short checkup with my midwife. it was our last visit.:'(

Anything big happening in your personal life (moving, work related, family, etc)? nope.

Any questions you want to ask? do you do tummy time? I didn't do it much with my first son and he didn't crawl until a week before he turned 9 months (though he did start sitting unassisted around 5 months, would scoot around the floor at about 7 months, and he learned to walk at about 11 months). Andrew is far more rolly polly than Nate was, so I kind of expected him to hate it, but I'm not quite sure if I should stick with it.

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